What Types Of Specimens Are Stored In A Bio Bank

stem cell nutritionBio bank is a sort of financial institution where biological materials like creatures, plants and humans are gathered, stored and distributed. Biological components are researched and assessed more than here in a proper systemized manner. It is a place for a source of development in scientific knowledge.

Human physical substance like blood, DNA, tissue and tissue are collected because samples from a large number of people to obtain genetic information related to their health background, and lifestyle data are kept in this bank. The record is usually stored in bio bank to see through where the problem actually originates. Bio bank has the collection of both the examples and their data.

Various varieties of specimen can be found in bio banks, such as surgical and transplant tissue, malignancy or tumour tissue, cord bloodstream or stem cell bank, bloodstream bank having dried blood places, body fluids (synovial, urine, sputum, bucaal scrapings and sperm), GENETICS and RNA bank, and cornea bank.

The types and reason for samples in bio bank vary from one another. They are gathered for different types of illness as malignancy types and tumour bank. They are collected in connection with the scientific trials or public health research. The sampling and database are usually done after taking the ethical authorization.

These specimens are investigated with regard to various purposes like certain problems. Tissue specimen, taken from certain GENETICS from the databases, provides an opportunity to the entire mechanism of a disease, and then the introduction of the drug for that particular illness and also the effect of that drug.

Today, different types of tissues are stored in these types of banks so that a disease can be examined with all its complexities and can become treated on modern technology. There are usually two types of tissues; one is medical tissue and the other is hair transplant tissue. The security of hereditary donors in these banks is private, that is, they are given some program code number instead of personal information.

These biography banks are known for transfusions. The “blood bank” collects blood from volunteers plus donor for some sort of surgical innovations and transplantation. As in case of “eye bank”, it is responsible for the collection plus storage of cornea tissue as well as its transmission to other hospitals for hair transplant. The “DNA bio bank” is responsible for storing liquid blood samples so that the researcher can study the reason for disease and disclose its remedy, so that people can lead a healthy existence. Bio bank plays a significant part in the field of medical research today.

These banks also monitor the problem occurs after outbreak of a certain disease or even pollution. These banks collect malignancy samples, normal samples and non-neoplastic diseases. They have both strong and liquid tissue. Solid cells includes (surgical resections, image-guided biopsies, bone marrow biopsies and endoscopic biopsies) and liquid tissue consists of (peripheral blood, genomic DNA, lcd and Serum).

Bio specimens are usually collected from blood and cells samples of healthy people and also through cancer patients with their consent in order to diagnose cancer. Medical and personal details of the patients and the donor can also be collected for the link up from the disease. The specimen which is gathered from surgery is used for the study and research about that particular disease.

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