What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Bone Marrow,

stem cell nutritionBone marrow, the soft mushy things inside bone, is considered a treat in many kinds of cuisine. It includes a high percentage of fat — about 96 percent — but additionally many beneficial qualities, leading to possible health benefits. These include building defenses, repairing wounds, helping with digestive function and even fighting cancer.

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Many Uses Worldwide
Bone marrow, in broth or consist of forms, is a global wellness device. Dr. Daniel Auer, a certified medical nutritionist, says almost every culture statements some form of bone-based concoction. The Chinese use bone to support kidney plus digestive function and to build blood. The Weston A. Price Foundation reviews another example from a North Carolina mountain Indian population. Their diet programs rely heavily on wild sport, and they value marrow to nurture their growing children.

Rebuilding the particular Body
Cindy Micleu, instructor on the Jade Institute complementary healing middle, says bone marrow contains myeloid and lymphoid stem cells. The foundations for red and white-colored blood cells, these cells develop immunity, assist with blood clotting plus help provide oxygen to tissues. Collagen, the protein-rich substance that will cooks down to gelatin, can also assist repair the body. Collagen deficiency can result in poor wound healing, easy bruising and bleeding gums. Collagen within bone marrow can help the body repair itself, says Micleu.

Easing Digestion and Healing the GI Tract
Dr. Auer prescribes bone marrow in the form of bone broth to their patients suffering from inflammatory conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, celiac condition, gluten intolerance and leaky belly syndrome. He notes that, for those who have digestive disorders who may have trouble processing supplements or other certain foods, bone tissue marrow’s collagen can provide nutrition whilst rebuilding damaged tissues and digestive tract lining. Marrow’s immune-boosting capabilities may also speed up the healing process for people wanting to overcome these conditions, he says.

Fighting Cancer
Dr. Astrid Brohult, the Swedish oncologist, administered calves’ marrow to leukemia-stricken children in the 1950s, hoping it would replenish white bloodstream cells destroyed by radiation treatment. After administering the marrow, a few of the children improved immediately; many skilled increased energy and white bloodstream cell normalization. After conducting ten years of research on the subject, she remote a group of compounds called alkylglycerols (AKGs) in the calves’ marrow and uncovered they were responsible for normalizing the white-colored blood cell production.

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