The Skinny on Stem Cells

stem cell injections for back painThere is a significant body associated with research and science behind the usage of stem cell therapy as method to assist the human body to literally cure itself. However, there is also a lot of misconception about the technology interfering or impeding an individual who may be considering this option.

Adult stem cells are not present in all tissues in the body. In the specialized labs and treatment amenities in Houston, TX we concentrate in on the adult come cells found in highest concentration within fatty issues as well as in bone tissue marrow. Fatty tissue, while having a lesser concentration of adult stem tissue, allows for the best options for harvesting.

Adult Stem Cells

Adult stem tissues are not developed from embryonic come cells. In fact, adult come cells can be harvested from the person seeking treatment through a simple, painless procedure.
What wasn’t known a few years ago is adult come cells and stem cell treatment can be used in the development of virtually all forms of adult cells. In this way the particular adult stem cells closely imitate the properties which originally produced embryonic cells so interesting regarding early research. With this brand new discovery, adult stem cells have got moved to the forefront in many studies.

These cells, once harvested within our laboratory under strict protocols plus procedures, are reintroduced into the entire body through a simple injection. These tissue, when used in stem cell treatments, actually generate or build healthful cells to replace diseased, distress or even defective cells.

Unlimited Opportunities

Since the stem cells reintroduced towards the body are not foreign materials you will find very few if any possible unwanted effects with the treatment. They replace the particular damaged cells responsible for the modern natural of various conditions such as heart problems, Alzheimer’s, stroke, cancer and osteo arthritis, providing relief from symptoms as well as discomfort.

With this range of opportunities regarding treatment, and even more under current analysis, treatment through stem cell th erapies becomes more and more a popular consideration for our patients in the Houston area.

Stem cells have also been discovered to be highly beneficial for conditions like back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica and other pain related injuries plus diseases.

The increasing knowledge plus research-based efficacy of stem cellular therapies in Houston, TX and round the country has opened up a range of treatments for patients not available even a couple of years ago.

To learn more about how come cell therapy can help contact us. We are here to help you to explore your choices for treatment in Houston, TEXAS to live a pain-free l

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