Stem Cells And Cancer Treatment

stem cell transplantsThe damage that is caused for your bone marrow during intense radiation treatment treatments will affect your body’s capability to produce healthy blood cells that are needed to prevent infection. These bloodstream cells are also necessary to carry air throughout the body and help manage bleeding. Stem cell treatments are accustomed to replace the cells which are destroyed with the use of high dose cancer treatments. These cells also aid in the production associated with healthy cells which are needed to assist fight the effects and symptoms of malignancy.

There are three types of come cell transplants that are used in the treating cancer. The first of these remedies is the Autologous Stem Cell hair transplant. During this process the patient’s personal cells are used. The bone marrow or peripheral blood stem tissues are harvested from the patient after which frozen until they are needed. When the patient is in need of these tissues, they are then transplanted back into the sufferer after they have received high doses associated with chemotherapy, radiation or both to assist destroy the cancer that is contained in the body.

The second cell hair transplant is known as Allogeneic Stem Cell transplants. The process of allogeneic cell hair transplant is used to describe the process of replacing your own existing bone marrow and defense mechanisms with new, healthy bone marrow or peripheral blood cells that have been donated by another person. It is usual for many allogeneic transplants to be carried out using cells from the bone marrow, but the use of peripheral blood come cells is on the rise.

The last of the three cell transplant processes is the Syngeneic transplant. During this process the patient receives the cells from the same twin. This is somewhat hardly ever performed because identical twins just occur in a small amount of births. However, if the patient does have an identical double that is willing to donate their tissues, the chance of those cells being turned down is minimal. These cells are usually preferred, when available, because they have the same set of HLA antigens. This is a result of identical twins sharing exactly the same genes.

Stem cell treatment with regard to cancer is still being studied. While there have been numerous advances in the therapy, scientists are hoping that a lot more are on the horizon. It is due to this need for further information that analysis must continue to be performed in order for all of us to better understand how these types of cells could be beneficial in the treatment of cancer.

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