Stem Cell Therapy Today

stem cell companies in USAThe use of adult stem cells in order to heal injuries is groundbreaking rather than controversial. In fact, the use of grownup stem cells in several therapies will be FDA approved.

As we age group, the amount of regenerative cells we have declines, making it harder for us in order to heal after injury. Adult originate cell therapy addresses regeneration problems, and in many cases helps patients to recover through injury, joint and muscle discomfort faster.


Stem cell remedies are very effective in the treatment of cancers, but additionally in reducing pain and damage. In many cases it is a favored alternative to orthopedic surgery. Unlike surgical treatment, stem cell therapy is minimally intrusive, and has a shorter recovery period.

Stem cell therapy can be used to deal with:

– Musculoskeletal pain
– Osteoarthritis
– Back or Neck Injury
– Joint pain

If bone marrow is used patients generally only require one treatment. If PRP is used, most people require anywhere from 2 to six treatments provided throughout four to six weeks. Treatment will vary individual to patient, depending on multiple elements including injury site.


In 1999 and 2000, scientists discovered that by manipulating adult computer mouse tissues they could produce different cellular types. With that finding these were able to determine that cells through bone marrow could produce neural or liver cells and tissue in the brain could yield additional cell types.

Stem cell studies have progressed dramatically over the course of the past few years. Adult stem cells are now being used totreat many conditions including heart disease plus Leukemia.


The process starts with you. The most commonly used originate cells in clinical transplants originate from bone marrow, peripheral blood, umbilical cords, and adipose (fat) tissues. In other words, the patient’s own tissue provides the cells essential for treatment. While bone marrow continues to be used as the main source of originate cells for the past several years, fat tissues is gaining popularity.

The patient will be numbed using local anesthetics, so they experience minimal discomfort. Stem tissues are removed from the patient’s tissues, and put into centrifuge where regenerative cells and platelets are divided from other blood products. The last product has 5 to 10 times the baseline levels of regenerative cells and growth factors.

Once injected, the healing begins immediately as the stem cells make their way across the injured tissue, stimulating your body’s healing response. Stem cells are extremely effective, because they are able to differentiate or even change into whichever types of cells are needed at the injury site whether it’s ligament, tendon, cartilage or bone tissue.

What to Expect

Unlike regular treatments like orthopedic surgery, originate cell therapy requires no trimming or stitches. The outpatient procedure allows patients to return home in only one to two hours. Injections are carried out at the Medical Center by skilled medical professionals. Patients should avoid alcohol consumption and recreation drugs before therapy. Patients can typically return to function the next day depending upon the site of the therapy and amount of physical activity required. You may feel sore for the 1st f

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