Stem Cell Therapy For Joints & Spine In Austin Texas

Tired of Joint Pain Holding You Back,

stem cell injections for back painIf persistent joint pain is limiting your daily program or preventing you from actions you enjoy; regenerative medicine may be the response you’ve been looking for!

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The pharmaceutical approach to these types of conditions is still not effective for a few 20% to 40% of those struggling with arthritis or other degenerative combined conditions. According to the National Institute of Health, Stem Cell Therapy provides a promising alternative to surgery simply by promoting safe and natural healing. The much less invasive approach Stem Cell Therapy offers attracts thousands each year. Texas Spine and Sports Therapy Center is one of the few clinics in the country to provide Stem Cell Therapy. With easy locations near Austin, we are prepared to get you back to the activity levels you wish.

What it Does

Stem tissues are found in all of us and enjoy a key role in the body’s process of recovery. They lie latent in your body till they receive signals that the entire body has suffered an injury and then they stick to your platelets to the injured web site. Stem cells are able to transform to the same type of cell that was hurt to promote healing. They are tasked to heal injured ligaments, muscles, tissues and bones. After a personal injury, or as a natural result of ageing, the amount of stem cells needed in a few areas of the body declines. Stem Cell Therapy solves this problem by delivering a higher concentration of stem cells to the injured area promoting natural healing.

The Stem Cell Therapy procedure is easy and takes just 15 mins with pain relief in 24-48 hrs. The therapy can be performed right within the Texas Spine and Sports Therapy Center office and provides pain relief with no risks of surgery, general ease, hospital stays or prolonged recuperation. There is zero recovery period after Stem Cell Therapy. Most experience complete joint restoration associated with ligaments, tendons and cartilage within 28 days. Stem Cell Therapy is very safe and effective. The injections happen to be used over 10, 000 occasions in the United States with no documented adverse side effects and have a 100% safety record in Europe along with 100, 000’s of patients.

Stem cell treatment takes advantage of the body’s ability to repair itself. With Stem Cell Therapy, your Texas Spine and Sports Therapy Center Provider will inject stem cells into the body. Similar to cortisone plus steroid shots, stem-cell injections have got anti-inflammatory properties, but offer much more benefits than those of standard shot therapies. While cortisone and other medicines only provide temporary pain relief, control cells actually restore degenerated tissues while providing pain relief. The development factors in Stem Cells might replace damaged cells in your body. Additionally, stem cell injections contain hyaluronic acid, which lubricates joints plus tendons, easing the pain and assisting restore mobility.

The Stem Cells can turn into any type of tissue present in joints other than nerve tissue. Depending on the different tissues that are broken, the stem cells can turn directly into whatever your joint needs which could quite often be a combination of cartilage, soft tissue, tendon, bone or muscle. This is a “curative” treatment. You may literally grow new joints tissues. Once your joint is recovered, it is healed. The oldest study to date shows that 100% of receivers who benefited from stem cellular therapy were still pain free four years later. Stem Cell Therapy allows our state-of-the-art clinics throughout the Texas Hill Country to treat plus rehabilitate your pain and accidental injuries without drugs o

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