Stem Cell & PRP Therapy

stem cell companies in USAStem Cell Therapy is also generally referred to as Regenerative Medicine. This state of the art medical treatment combines the latest scientific analysis and medical technology, with a concentrate on non-surgical treatment. With this treatment you can easliy treat damaged tissue found in muscles, ligaments, inflamed tissue, degenerated important joints and other painful conditions.

Stem Cell Therapy utilizes the potential of your own body growth factors and enhances the particular body’s natural repair process. Stem cells are typically derived from your own body fat or bone cells. This non-surgical treatment has the potential to invert the effects of traumatic injury, chronic discomfort, and general wear and tear due.

Stem Cell Therapy Educational Videos

Where is Stem Cell Therapy Typically Used,

Stem Cell Therapy could be very successful in reducing pain plus inflammation. We most commonly use it like a treatment option for patients with combined and soft tissue pain. Treatments are also available for many anti-aging, aesthetic, neurological, pain management, sports medication, orthopedic, and spinal conditions. Common musculoskeletal conditions treated with stem cellular therapy include: inflammation, osteoarthritis, pain, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, tendon plus ligament tears, muscle strains, schleimbeutelentz¨¹ndung, runner’s knee, hip pain, endure from lower back pain , including pain and neck pain originating from the particular discs or joints within the backbone. Stem Cell Therapy may enhance the overall quality of life for a patient.

Stem Cell Therapy is applied straight to the injured or damaged tissues. Stem Cell Treatment act to change the body’s missing ‘connective tissue matrix’, that is a natural interconnected system of Collagens, Growth Factors, and Bioactive Molecules that offer the structure, integrity and renewal of the body’s various tissues.

What kind of results can be expected following Stem Cell Therapy introduced into the Cervical or Lumbar Spine,

An worldwide clinical trial showed that an individual injection of stem cells directly into degenerative discs reduced low back again pain for approximately 12 months along with pain relief as soon as 3-7 days plus continued improvement over 4-12 several weeks. It showed this treatment to be a highly effective means of alleviating back pain with out surgical intervention.

Is Stem Cell Therapy an alternative to surgery,

Stem Cell Therapy contains biologic components that may control swelling and may help support the repair of damaged tissues. While surgical procedure is necessary for certain injuries and circumstances, it is more invasive, and can result in trauma to the body. Recovery through surgery is typically longer and very unpleasant. Stem Cell Therapy is a viable choice which is less invasive, less costly, plus avoids surgical intervention to the spine.

How long does treatment get,

Stem Cell Therapy is normally an one-time treatment. Additional shots may be required to achieve the medically desired result. The procedure alone takes approximately 5-10 minutes, as well as your entire visit will typically get approximately 60-90

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