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stem cell for kneeStem cells have the incredible ability to develop into a variety of different cell types within the body. In addition, stem cells can play a crucial role in internally repairing many types of tissues. During this process, stem cells divide, replenishing other cells without limit.

While stem cells have been utilized by medical professionals for a wide variety of reasons to be able to treat injuries, ailments, and diseases affecting every part of the body, the use of stem cells in the treatment of spinal damage may be the most exciting and potent use yet. Through the application of these spinal treatments, patients have the ability to recover not only more completely, but also in a more natural and therefore more complete manner than ever before. When paired with the insight of a skilled spinal surgeon, the results can be astonishing.

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Distinguishing Stem Cells from Other Cell Types

Stem cells differ from other cell types because they are unspecialized and therefore with the capacity of renewing themselves through cell division. Under certain physiologic or experimental conditions, they have the ability to become tissue or even organ-specific cells with special functions. Given these unique regenerative abilities, stem cells offer new potential in the enhancement of each surgery.

Disc Degeneration Treatment

Rather then undergoing an invasive surgery that won’t actually repair damage from degenerative disc disease, stem cell spinal treatments are short, minimally invasive and capable of healing the damage that has been done to the disc. Stem cell therapy produces new disc cells in the disc itself, allowing it to rebuild to a like-new condition. When treating degenerative disc disease, bone marrow is extracted from the patient’s hipbone and stem cells are filtered out using a centrifuge. Then stem cells are injected in to the disc with the help of an x-ray. After this step, the patient is free to go back home and begin the recovery process. Over another few months to a year, patients will experience a lessening of right back pain as the disc begins to revive itself. It is quite common for patients who have undergone stem cell injections to experience complete relief from right back pain and a vast improvement within their overall quality of life.

Spinal Fusion Surgery

Stem cells can also be used to enhance the consequences of a spinal fusion surgery. A lack of useful new bone growth after this type of surgery can be a significant problem. This new technology helps patients grow new bone and prevent harvesting a bone graft from the patient’s own hip or using bone from a deceased donor. By avoiding these steps, patients are able to recover faster and prevent painful procedures.

Reduced Risk of Infection

A major component of stem cells is their ability to reinforce stronger, healthy healing in patients. Oftentimes, your body is in a weakened state following a surgical procedure and therefore more vunerable to developing infection. Stem cells� unique ability to replenish themselves offers the human body fresh, healthy cells that are not not quite as vulnerable to incurring infection so the body can heal more quickly and effectively.

Healing Scars

After undergoing a surgery and the rehabilitation process that follows, many patients are left with unsightly scars. These scars are often painful reminders of a traumatic event and, in some cases, cause self-consciousness or outright embarrassment due to their appearance. Stem cells have become an increasingly useful aid in ridding patients of unattractive scars in order to fully recover from their injuries. Stem cells are useful in the treatment of scarring in three major ways: they carry anti-inflammatory properties that prevent excessive scarring, are capable of replenishing normal cells in the tissue through differentiation, and finally, stem cells dissolve the excess collagen in scar tissue by emitting large amounts of enzymes whose specific function is to dissolve scar tissue formation.

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