Stem Cell Therapy For Joints & Spine In Austin Texas

Tired of Joint Pain Holding You Back,

stem cell injections for back painIf persistent joint pain is limiting your daily program or preventing you from actions you enjoy; regenerative medicine may be the response you’ve been looking for!

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The Stem Cellar

This blog site is part of the Month of CIRM series on the Stem Cellar.

stem cells and diabetesThe questions we get most regularly from members of the public are about our clinical trials. Typically, people want to know what stem cell-based trials our Agency is funding or whether we’re funding trials for specific diseases or disorders read more

Banking Your Newborn’s Cord Blood

Why is it necessary to bank your newborn’s cord blood,

stem cell nutritionWhen an infant is born the parents worry about all feasible things that could be associated with the baby in addition to the fact that the baby can someday become sick. Some parents make sure that they take safety measures right at the beginning read more