Number One Killer Of People Worldwide Dealt Lethal Blow

stem cell injections for back painHave you or someone you know survived cardiovascular attack, It has been accepted medical related fact, once a heart has been broken, the tissue in the area of the strike will forever remain dead heart tissue, never to be renewed or even rejuvenated. Thankfully, for millions of people globally, that information is no longer accurate since hundreds of “no option” patients are actually encountering heart restoration in the ongoing FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION heart failure trial.

A cardio author/researcher, convinced the remedy for 22M people currently dying of congestive heart failure worldwide would eventually come from stem cell research, started monitoring and documenting patient success in an ongoing FDA heart failing trial. Trial directors contributing to the particular book’s information are the directors associated with cardiovascular stem cell therapy in Minnesota, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, UCSD, Pittsburgh, Tufts, Arizona Heart Institute and Cedars Sinai. LA. In the stem cell study, “no option patients,” transition from near death in order to recovery following an one-time minimally intrusive procedure, using their own stem tissue. As the book’s author reports on George Noory’s international Coast to Coast Am radio present (4 visits this year) for an estimated 64M listeners, “My mandate was to accurately report on whether a cure for 5 million Americans might appear to be coming from embryonic or non-embryonic research. When it comes to conquering the number one killer, the remedy should be dictated by science and not by politics or religion.”

With the hundreds of patients already taking advantage of a procedure using the patient’s own bone fragments marrow or thigh muscle control cells, it is looking very much like grownup stem cell therapy may be the solution for heart failure with it can 1-7 year life expectancy.

Among the numerous findings that have emerged from the test are two in particular that should be made welcome news for millions of families. One, the procedure works on hearts damaged through heart attacks that happened also 20 or 25 years previously and secondly, the procedure works on individuals who have had multiple heart assaults and 3, patient’s qualify even though they may currently have an installed pacemaker or defibrillator. The FDA confident of the safety and positive medical results of the first trial phase have got just approved the enrollment associated with 450 more patients. Time is crucial, as one half the heart failure individuals will not survive 5 years. There are other diseases as well taking advantage of adult stem cells.


Scientist, neurologist, Dr. Carlos Lima in speaking before the British Parliament in London England reminded all in attendance, that despite the fact that there have been limits on embryonic analysis in America and the UK, studies have for many years continued unfettered in nations all over the world. To date however , there’s still not been a successful (ESC) treatment reported in China, Russia or anywhere else at least at this time. In contrast, the treatments for huge diseases we were told would just come from embryonic research are rather coming almost daily from adult control cell research. Dr. Lima provides over 100 spinal injury individuals walking or re-learning to stroll following stem cell harvesting plus injection to the area of spinal lesion. These adult cells are gathered from the patient’s own olfactory nose bulb located in the high regions of the particular facial sinus cavities. It is usually reported that there is a 75% enhancement among patients. As Dr. Lima explains, healing the spinal injuries is half of the therapy. There is definitely an extensive and intense rehab following a procedure that requires a great amount of physical rehab, as the connections between nerves plus muscles must be retrained. Today, you will find patients who are walking following the process and others beginning to walk. Their personal stories are inspiring.


Type I diabetes patients in London have gone insulin free for 3 years following adult cell bone fragments marrow transplant to their pancreas. Type II patients in Argentina plus Brazil show similar results. Diabetes presently contributes to 200, 000 deaths per year in this country and brings a good associated cost to the healthcare approach to 132 billion dollars yearly.


The Cincinnati Eye Clinic has restored vision in an regular of 8 patients per month and India it is reported that a lot more than 460 patients have gained or even regained their sight using subscriber cells from a relative.

With a lot more than 1500 trials now in progress plus successful treatment reported for more compared to 72 diseases including several types of malignancy using adult stem cell treatment. This is an exciting time in medication for all of mankind, whether the remedies come from embryonic or non-embryonic analysis. In the short term however , grownup stem cells have taken the business lead.

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