Knee And Hip Joint Replacement Vs. Stem Cell Therapy

stem cell trialsMitchell Sheinkop, who is now a Chicago Regenexx Network provider, is an memory foam surgeon who used to perform numerous knee and hip replacements. Like some surgeons, he became worried about the extreme invasiveness of these processes and significant complications, such as a greater chance for stroke and myocardial infarction with joint replacements, as well as the unwanted effects of wear particles within synthetic joints. As a result, he wished to compare the Regenexx same time stem cell protocol for cool and knee arthritis patients (which involves injection of the patient’s personal stem cells into an arthritis joint) to the data he had gathered on joint replacement patients in 2007. His full knee plus hip arthritis stem cell display can be viewed here. A few of the key results are outlined below.

Knee Replacement

– The Regenexx Same Day Protocol patients had similar doctor assessment scores compared to the knee substitute patients at 1 year, with Regenexx edging out the knee substitutes (Knee Society Assessment Score)
: The Regenexx Same Day Protocol patients had significantly better useful scores compared to knee replacement sufferers at 1 year (Knee Society Function Score)

Hip Replacement

– 73% of the Regenexx Same Day Protocol hip arthritis patients returned in order to sporting activities
– Regenexx Same Day Protocol hip patients ended up with a lot more range of motion than hip replacement sufferers at 1 year after the procedure
: Regenexx Same Day Protocol cool arthritis patients had similar useful scores at one year as the cool replacement patient

Shoulder Replacement

Dr. Sheinkop did not perform shoulder substitutes and we do not have data comparing make replacement to stem cell affected person outcomes as a result of this study.

Infographic on this StudyDr. Sheinkop’s Presentation with this Information

Note: This wasn’t a randomized controlled trial like you might see in drug studies. That’s not yet available for stem cellular procedures, nor for joint substitutes (believe it or not). In addition, the knee and cool replacement patients in these studies very a bit more impacted at start compared to stem cell patients. Finally, it is a comparison of patients treated within 2007 with surgery and sufferers treated in 2011-13 with come cells, so while it uses exactly the same metrics for both, the sufferers weren’t treated side by side. It also needs to be noted that we didn’t finance this study, Dr. Sheinkop finished it on his own using his own employees.

Regardless of these caveats, this earlier study would indicate that when you take into consideration the invasiveness of complete joint replacement, stem cell remedies are a very viable option to consider. If the long term results of the two procedures appear to be comparable, then we can assume that the process that does NOT involve opening up the body plus doing a wholesale amputation and shared replacement would win out within the eyes of the patient. This is extremely exciting news at Regenexx and expect to find more data in the a few months and years ahead that facilitates our wholehearted belief that the organic tissues of the human body, when coaxed along in the right ways, possess huge potential to revolutionize the way in which we treat joint injuries plus chroni

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